SNN Conference 2013


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Last Updated October 16, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

15:00 Practical neurophysiology workshop, featuring DSI, FHC And Biopac product presentations

16:00 Registration & Poster Mounting

16:45 Presidential Welcome, Mihai Moldovan

17:00 Welcome from the Dean, Plesca Anca Doina, Bucharest, RO

SESSION 1 – Opening session
Chair, Leon Zagrean
17:10 Social impact of Neuroscience, Leon Zagrean, Bucharest, RO
17:30 Compassion meditation – enduring, beneficial changes in brain function, Adrian Sorin Mihalache, Iasi, RO
18:00 From Information to In-formation; implications in neuroscience, Florin Munteanu, Bucharest, RO
18:30 FENS History Project, Octavian Buda, Bucharest, RO
19:00 Programs, networks and neural circuits, Alexandru Serbanescu, Bucharest, RO
19:15 Round table on responsible use of animals in neuroscience research & Presentation of CARE goals, Bucharest, RO, Aurel Popa Wagner, Rostock, DE

19:45 Opening Cocktail

Friday, October 18, 2013

8:00 Poster viewing and welcome coffee

SESSION 2 – IBRO Symposium “Abnormal Brain Connectivity: Biology”
Chair, Aurel Popa-Wagner
8:30 Altered executive function in adult ADHD, Johannes Thome, Rostock, DE
9:00 Reserve connectivity in the encephalon, Dan Psatta, Bucharest, RO
9:30 Promoting neurological recovery in the ischemic brain by modulating motor cortical connectivity, Dirk Hermann, Essen, DE
10:00 Vasculogenesis in ageing brain, Ana-Maria Buga, Craiova, RO
10:30 Post-stroke depression and aging, Aurel Popa-Wagner, Rostock, DE

11:00-11:15 Coffee Break

SESSION 3 – Genes, Brain and Emotions
Chair, Andrei Miu
11:15 Genes, brain and emotions: Tip of the iceberg? Andrei C. Miu, Cluj-Napoca, RO
11:45 Autonomic and neuroendocrine effects of attentional bas modification in social anxiety, Liviu G. Crisan, Cluj-Napoca, RO
12:15 Genetic influences on emotional well-being in adolescents, Lavinia Cheie, Cluj-Napoca, RO
12:30 Genetic influences on heart rate variability during mental stress: Associations with BDNF val66met and 5-HTTLPR/rs25531, Adina Chis, Cluj-Napoca, RO
12:45 A polymorphism in the catechol-O-methyltransferase gene moderates the relation between socioeconomic status and decision making, Andreea Beciu, Cluj-Napoca, RO

13:00-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-15:00 Poster Competition

SESSION 4 – IBRO Symposium “Abnormal Brain Connectivity: Neurophysiology”
Chair, Mihai Moldovan
15:00 Alternative therapeutic strategies for coma rehabilitation, Dan Alexianu, Bucharest, RO
15:30 Novel oscillatory patterns in the comatose brain, Florin Amzica, Montreal, CA
16:00 Intracranial stimulation studies of brain connectivity in epilepsy, Andrei Barborica, Bucharest, RO
16:30 Probing the neuronal connectivity of the comatose brain, Mihai Moldovan, Copenhagen, DK

17:00-17:15 Coffee Break

SESSION 5 – Sensory physiology
Chair, Violeta Ristoiu
17:15 Modulatory effects of CXCL1 chemokine on TRPV1 channels, Violeta Ristoiu, Bucharest, RO
17:45 Camphor highlights mechanisms of TRPM8 activation, Tudor Selescu, Bucharest, RO
18:00 Effects of the glycolitic metabolite methylglyoxal on cold and menthol activation of TRPM8 channel Cristian Ciobanu, Bucharest, RO
18:15 The role of the α5 subunit of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in pain and analgesia, Bogdan Ianosi, Bucharest, RO
18:30 Fronto-parietal connectivity changes during anesthesia, following noxious stimulation, Bogdan Pavel, Bucharest, RO

19:30 “Neuro-Jam-Café” Social Night

Saturday, Oct 19, 2013

SESSION 6 – Brain inhibition in health and disease
Chair, Szilágyi Tibor
9:00 Morphological changes and behavioral profile of seizures in pilocarpine-induced temporal lobe epilepsy, Orbán-Kis Károly, Tirgu Mures, RO
9:20 The dynamics of GABAergic signalling in neonatal seizures, Andrei Ilie, Oxford, UK
9:40 The axon initial segment and its GABAergic synapses: a new form of plasticity?, Winnie Wefelmeyer, London, UK
10:00 Homeostatic plasticity of the axon initial segment in the motor system. Claire Meehan, Copenhagen, DK
10:20 Generating physiological and pathological hippocampal network activity: a role for perisomatic inhibition, Tommas Ellender, Oxford, UK

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

SESSION 7 – Neuroscience methods
Chair, Ana-Maria Zagrean
11:00 Electrodiagnostic neurophysiology, Tudor Lupescu, Bucharest, RO
11:20 Determination of ganglioside composition and structure in human astrocytoma by high resolution mass spectrometry, Alina Zamfir, Timisoara, RO
11:40 A diagnostic index for the prediction of Alzheimer’s disease based on MRI and CSF biomarkers, Gabriela Spulber, Stockholm, SE
12:00 Environmental pollutants induce similar behavioural alterations in zebrafish and mice: experimental evidence linking ADHD to PFOS exposure during development , Stefan Spulber, Stockholm, SE
12:20 Cellular viability assessment methods in primary neuronal cultures exposed to oxygen and glucose deprivation, Ana-Maria Zagrean, Bucharest, RO

12:40 Poster Award Ceremony for Junior Scientists. Closing remarks

13:00 General assembly of SNN members

Last Updated October 10, 2013

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